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I had to have one..

“Natasha really captured a confidence in me that I rarely get to really look at, and that I felt super freaking hot as hell. And once I saw the sample album, I knew I had to have one. In 10 years I'm not going to miss that money, but I will be SO glad I have these memories of myself- for me and Paul (my boyfriend)!” -ALLISON


Sexy Version of Myself..

“I look like a sexy fierce version of myself! I didn't recognize myself in one of the pictures! I'm so excited to keep a memento of this time in my life and share it with those who I trust. I knew that this was an opportunity that I would regret not taking- so I was in the position to spend money to make sure I preserved those photos. I realized that in 10, 20, 30 years I won't miss the money but I would miss the pictures.” -CARRIE

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She captures this inner part of your soul…

“Everyone has something they are body conscious about, but Natasha made me feel like a real super model-flawless. She coaches you through every shot and gives you little cues like "relax your mouth" to make it more sultry. It's like she captures this inner part of your soul you never knew was there all with natural light. Really remarkable experience!” -KIM


I am so glad I got out of my comfort zone…

“Where do I begin? Natasha put all of my boudoir jitters at ease. I was worried about posing and not feeling like I could do this. But she helped with posing. Her directions were easy to follow. She would sometimes even show me the pose herself! The end result was amazing!! I love (and so does my husband) my photos SO much!! Within 15 minutes, I felt completely comfortable and not afraid anymore. I look stunning. I love that she made me see myself the way others see me. Beautiful and sexy.

Photos are so important to have. I want to look at them years from now and think "I'm so glad I got out of my comfort zone". I also want my (someday) grand children to say "wow! Grandma was hot!" Haha! Don't even think twice about hiring Natasha. I feel that boudoir is something that everyone needs to do. Celebrate your body at any stage of life.” -YISELL


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