This is a hard blog for me to write ladies. Why? Because, I can’t get over how many obstacles and excuses I hear— from the most lovely and gorgeous ladies— about why they NEED to WAIT to do a boudoir session. OR they CAN’T do a boudoir session all together.

So here we go- here are the top 5 excuses I hear all the time from women WANTING a boudoir shoot but holding themselves back from this truly life-changing experience.

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1. “I need to lose like 5 or 10 pounds first”

This is the worst excuse and the one that comes up the most! It is the most common excuse because every woman I speak to thinks they need to be smaller, toner, or jut different then they already are! It breaks my heart every time because the goal of a boudoir session is love and accept yourself for who you are! And let’s be honest— your husband, your boyfriend, your best friend— they see your sexy and its up to you now to see it too! Plus, trust me, wardrobe is key!

This is one of my best TIPS! With the proper wardrobe, you are giving me the ability to pose you properly, which will always make you look as good as you look in real life, if not better! All you have to do is show up!

The women I photograph aren’t super models, they’re just like you and I. With good wardrobe choices, professional hair and makeup and my expertise with light and posing your photos will be stunning. So don’t worry about losing weight first!


2. “I don’t have anyone to do a session for!”

Now, this also one of the worst ones I have heard, DO IT FOR YOU! Simple. Don’t wait to do it for someone else! Gain the confidence and experience the courage of going out of your comfort zone and investing in this experience- like you would a spa day or a girlfriend’s weekend! You need to see yourself as beautiful and SEXY first and above all else!

3. “I don’t know how to be sexy.”

What is sexy? Sexy is a state of mind, its a confidence and courage that you cultivate. And let’s get something straight— I am not the photographer to point my camera at you and say— BE SEXY. If that is what you are worried of— know that is not what you will get from me or anyone who is part of my team. We are here to help you get out of your shell, to create lasting portraits that will make you wake up every morning with a PEP in your step! All you need to do- is be yourself. Leave the rest to me. I will coach you through every facial expression and pose so your portraits will looking SEXY AF!


4. “I don’t have the confidence to do this.”

And this is a big one ladies. I hear it almost as often as the I need to lose weight excuse. And here is the simplest answer. If you don’t feel confident to a session— THAT is exactly why you NEED to do one.

Okay- I need to give some background- story time- many of you may or may not know I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology. And while I was in graduate school I conducted counseling for many women who suffered with anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia..the list goes on. And we would talk and talk about their thought patterns, behaviors, analyzing every minute detail. And it helped. But I believe only so much.

I now believe. We all need to SEE TANGIBLE evidence to truly internalize a new belief.

You don’t feel confident? We can talk about it for ages- analyzing childhood memories ect. but what will TRULY change your BELIEF is SEEING TANGIBLE images of yourself. Seeing yourself the way others see you! Seeing is truly BELIEVING! And that is what this whole experience is about!

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5. “It’s too expensive.”

Now this one is a doozy. This one is usually the last obstacle to overcome. Because once everything else in your mind is reassured— the issue of cost and value always comes into play. And you are right, this is a luxury investment— much like months of therapy, a spa weekend, wellness retreat, or self-love conference can be. This is an opportunity to reinvigorate your marriage, relationship, and most of all your relationship with yourself. Honestly, it is truly priceless.

One of my clients wrote in her testimonial “In 10 years I'm not going to miss that money, but I will be SO glad I have these memories of myself..” and I couldn’t agree more!

And we do offer pre-shoot and post-shoot payment plans so you can space out your investment over time. Please do not allow money to be an excuse because if you get in touch with me we will make it work!