The pre-boudoir panic: We have all been there.

You are excited, and you’ve booked the perfect dream shoot…but the moment you put down the phone you have a million questions. WHAT NEXT!?

Confidence is your first key to success. A confident woman is a beautiful, sexy and strong woman, and while you might feel like you’re going to botch the whole thing, and your nerves are going out of whack, here’s what you can do to ace your shoot and look like the soulful sultry goddess you are.


1. Choose your outfits carefully
Flowy lingerie, like babydoll negligees, may seem gorgeous on the hanger, but when it comes to your photoshoot you should stay as far away from them as possible. Not only can these have an unflattering affect on your body, they’re much harder for your photographer (me) to retouch. If you accidentally bring one, don’t worry, I’ll just be sure to tie it back.

2.  Don’t survive off lettuce
One of the biggest mistakes that women make when they book a boudoir photoshoot is to starve themselves in order to make it ‘work.’ Hun, the only thing you need to make work is your bad-ass bod. You might not think it, but posing is a lot of effort and you’ll be burning calories the whole shoot. I like to call it posing yoga for a reason! Believe me, the last thing you want is to have to end early because your blood sugar drops.

3. Don’t hit the gym to punish yourself
You don’t need to start working out five times a day because you scheduled a photoshoot. The real beauty of boudoir is up to the photographer (ME! Its all in my hands. That is why TRUST is such a HUGE thing for boudoir) and heavily depends on lighting, angles and poses. That’s why it’s an artform. That is why I am an artist. Take my advice and avoid the drama; I can make you look better than you would after 6 months in the gym.

Whatever you choose to bring to your photoshoot, remember that boudoir is as much about highlighting your inner beauty, as it is your outer. Follow these three rules and you’ll be well on your way to making the absolute most of your photoshoot.

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