Every Body is a Beach Body!

I had this idea.

Why not create a group empowerment shoot experience with women from all over West Virginia, Morgantown, Fairmont, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, and Maryland!

Why not show every woman that she is worthy of being photographed just as she is. Why not show her that her body is a beach body too.

We started the exclusive event by telling our stories. Our body stories.

This was honestly one of the best parts of the day! Hearing all of these women sharing their body image struggles and stories with complete strangers was out of this world.

I can not thank each and every one of you baring your hearts and souls and joining me on this journey towards more vulnerability and honesty about our bodies.

I hope you love these gorgeous images as much as I do! (No retouching has been done to these images other than color correction.


My hands were shaking. I must have called and texted like 10 times to confirm that I had the right time and place. I threw like 20 outfits into my bag and headed out the door. I had a hard time finding the right place. I texted and called to let her know that I was there but needed help with directions. And I was sweating a lot. Like way too much. Breathing harder than I expected.

This was how my own boudoir photography session started.

It was definitely not easy getting up the courage. And I definitely did not feel confident. But just like I tell all of my amazing clients- JUST SHOW UP. So that is what I did. I showed up.

1_DSC7998 (4)-2.jpg

I knew it would take some time to get comfortable and my trusted boudoir photographer captured me in a totally new way.

I saw myself for the first time. In a totally NEW way.

Most of the time, I do not like to show my vulnerability. Like many other women, I feel that my vulnerability may be interpreted as weakness. Yet these portraits were all about my vulnerability, femininity, and soul. I could see in a TANGIBLE way just how STRONG and INDEPENDENT I was and I was able to CELEBRATE my inner and outer beauty for the first time in a long time.

1_DSC8008 (4)-4.jpg

I am not a skinny woman. I am a curvy woman.

It has taken me a long time to truly embrace my body. I have been in and out of diet programs since I was 12 years old. I always wanted to be that skinny girl who could eat potato chips— by the bag—and never gain a pound. But as I have gotten older, and heard more stories from other women—I know now— many women who feel the opposite. of me. They want curves. They feel weird in their “skinnier” bodies— the bodies that I always admired and revered.

1_DSC8039 (2)-3.jpg

I know NOW, deep in my soul, that because of this boudoir shoot I am 100x closer to loving my body and myself more and more everyday.

I can look at these boudoir portraits when I am having a tough day and see just how fun, giggly, loving, and awesome I am. I can say wow! I did that nude shot and it was exhilarating! (Many of my clients choose to as well!)

Boudoir photography is all about being Real. Raw. and Vulnerable. And I truly was that day. And every day I look at those portraits.

And that is why I shoot boudoir. photography

I don’t want you to pretend. I don’t want you to fake it.

I want you to just BE.

Be you in all of your glory.


1. What is Natasha Anne Portrait?

Natasha Anne Portrait is a boudoir and beauty photography studio located in Morgantown, West Virginia and serving the greater Pittsburgh area. Our studio’s main mission is to empower every woman to reclaim their SEXY and SOULFUL inner and outer BEAUTY.

Many of our clients are brides, moms, nurses, teachers ect.. looking to gift themselves— and their husbands, partners, significant others— with an unbelievable gift.


2. Why should I have a boudoir session?

The short answer?  Boudoir is a fun and liberating way for a woman to celebrate herself.  A boudoir session is both sexy and empowering.  The idea of boudoir can be intimidating one but once we start shooting all your fears will begin to fade.  Every woman starts gaining confidence and starts coming out of their shell. 

3. What are some occasions perfect for a Boudoir Session?

  • You are getting married! I love Bridal Boudoir!

  • You’re Anniversary is coming up!

  • You have a major birthday coming up! Milestones (25th, the Dirty 30, the Fabulous 40, the Sexy 50th)… and any birthday in between are reason to celebrate!

  • You are starting a new life journey and recently got divorced! (and want to celebrate yourself!)

  • Your Significant Others Birthday is coming up!

  • Its almost Valentine’s Day!

  • Because the Day Ends in "Y" or you just want to say **ck it and just do a session to invest in yourself and make you feel SUPER SEXY!

  • You recently overcame or found out about a significant life obstacle (cancer, chronic illness…)


4. I’m engaged and would love to give this to my future hubby as a special gift. When should I book my shoot in order to have the pictures ready before the wedding?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re engaged! Bridal boudoir sessions are extra special because they celebrate the beginning of one of the most important stages of your life. For all my clients, including those interested in a bridal theme, I recommend booking a session for 3 months before the desired date of product delivery. So, as soon as you’ve decided you want to go on this journey with me as your boudoir photographer, book your session! No matter how early on it is. 

5. Where are the Boudoir Sessions Held?

Natasha Anne Portrait currently shoots on-location in Morgantown, WV. And Yes, we do travel for boudoir sessions.  Frequent travel to the Washington DC and NYC area. Please contact us for more information.

6. Is hair and makeup included?

Yes! We always provide professional hair and makeup, including application of false eyelashes. Getting your hair and makeup done professionally is SO important to the Boudoir Experience – we can’t stress it enough!! Getting your makeup and hair done sets the tone for your session. It gives you time to relax, get to know us better and feel pampered. Honestly, you will want to have a professional makeup artist go with you everywhere once you experience this luxury!

If you have a very specific hair style in mind, or ethnic hair or simply want to come with your hair fully styled, we can discuss that after you booked the session.


7. Am I going to look like myself with my hair and makeup professionally done?

Don’t worry! It may look like a lot of makeup when you get it done on the day of the shoot but it will look just right in-camera. Remember that some of the makeup naturally “falls away” in the natural light, the processing and retouching of your images.

However, we want you to be happy, so speak up if you want to make an adjustment during your hair and makeup appointment. The makeup artist is happy to talk with you about making any adjustments to the makeup after you’ve had some time to get used to it. Your happiness with your look is really important to us.

8. I don't know how to pose! Will that come through in the images?

First of all, don't stress yourself over this. Posing is something that only big-time models have perfected; and even they often when tons of direction during shoots! I am going to guide you through this process and make you look (and feel!) your best during the shoot. 

This is by far the biggest concern for my clients! Don’t worry – as I’ve said before, I work with clients through every pose during their session. Note that posing will NOT feel like just another afternoon of lounging around on your bed. I tell my clients that if the pose feels a little weird, they’re probably doing it right!

There are classic poses that most clients want to incorporate and new poses that clients wants to try. And I find several new poses for each session.


9. All the women on your website look amazing – what if I don’t look as good?

Our clients are all different sizes, ages and body types.  Nobody comes in looking perfect as we ALL have different things about our bodies that we are self-conscious about.  The images you see on this website are of regular women who have gained confidence through professionally-styled hair and make-up, as well as the encouragement from me as their photographer and their coach throughout the shoot.  NONE of the pictures you see on this website are of professional models – all are everyday women! It is normal to feel nervous and worry about not being a model, but we promise you that by the end you will look just just as gorgeous as the other women pictured on our website.  No matter what you look like, CONFIDENCE is the best feature you can have – for your boudoir pictures and in life!

10. Will you retouch my photos? I’m worried about cellulite, stretch marks, etc.

I take a very natural approach to editing and prefer to alter your images (and YOU!) as little as possible. Most of my edits concern the technical aspects of a photo (exposure, contrast, coloring, etc), however I do make the occasional "tuck" here and there, and I also perform light skin edits as needed (on things like under eye circles, blemishes, and noticeable cellulite). My goal is always to utilize the most flattering light, angles, and poses so that tons of post-processing isn't necessary, and I will also advise you on the most flattering outfits for various body types! I am committed to capturing who you ARE, not who I think you should be, therefore you will find my edits do not change you, but simply lightly enhance.


11. What should I wear?

This is probably the most popular question I get….and the answer is simple…whatever you feel sexy in!  For a lot of women that can be an over-sized sweater, cropped sweatshirt and high waist panties, sleep shirt...you get the drift.  Other clients opt for lingerie. And many clients choose to do a nude set during their session.  Don't stress to0 much about wardrobe. I could (and have!) spend an entire hour shooting a client with no other wardrobe than the bed sheets and completely rock it out. Once you've completed the booking process with me, you will also receive a detailed preparation guide and we will build a personalized Pinterest board for your shoot to help you with all of the wardrobe details!  

12. Do you have lingerie or should I bring my own?

We do have outfits, but I do encourage women to bring their own lingerie to make the session more unique to them. Its also an opportunity to go shopping! Lastly, make sure to bring your own shoes!  Depending on what you are wearing a classic pair of black pumps is always a great idea.  The higher the better.  I always suggest at least 4 inch heels for dramatic effect. The right pumps will make an outfit stand out and your more lean!


13. Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

I, of course, would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos!  Most of my clients love to INSPIRE and EMPOWER other women to do a session! During the session itself, we often take marketing videos, and behind the scenes images and videos to show the amazing experience! Therefore, most of my clients allow me to share all of their images in my VIP FB secret group, social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) as well as on my website and in my printed samples.

HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you or your significant other might be uncomfortable sharing your images. Therefore, I will not share unless you grant permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. As I said above, MOST clients are so PROUD of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images for my portfolio, some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (after they gift the images).  Just let me know where you stand on the topic and I will honor your wishes!

If you have ANY other questions that I did not address here, please contact me and I will get back to you ASAP!


14. How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend that women have their shoot date scheduled at MINIMUM for about 3 months prior to needing the finished product in-hand. The best is 6 months! So you can take advantage of my payment plans! Also, being a one-woman show, I tend to book up very quickly and relatively far in advance. Sundays also tend to be the most popular time slots and book up the quickest. That said, DON'T WAIT to email me! It's never to early to get on my schedule.

15. How long does the session last?

The entire day from start to finish will be about 6-7 hours total. Hair and makeup lasts about 1.5 hours, the photo shoot itself is 2.5 hours, and then you get to take a 2 hour break for lunch/coffee/errands while I edit your photos. When you return you get to see your images SAME DAY! it takes about 1.5 hour select your images and products of your choice. 


16. These photos are intended as a gift for my significant other…what photo products make the best gift?

ALBUMS and WALL ART. Albums are the obvious choice for displaying a good number of images on your coffee table or night stand. In addition to that, most clients find themselves with at least one big statement piece of wall art for their master bedroom, master bathroom, or master walk in closet. Hand in hand, the album and wall art collection is the best of both worlds. 

17. How long does the finished product take?

**The retouching process after the ordering appointment takes 2-4 weeks to complete. 
**If a digital collection is ordered you will receive this in 4-6 weeks from your ordering appointment. 
After the digital collection is delivered or the retouching process is completed you will receive an email when your album or products are ordered. The delivery of those products will take 4-6 weeks from the date of that email.  

**Albums may take up to 8-12 weeks from ordering appointment date in total. The Client should place orders with sufficient time to allow for normal delays and notify the Photographer at the time of the order if there are any extenuating circumstances requiring a quicker turnaround. An expedited fee determined at the ordering session (this shall be applied to expedited product requests.) The Photographer shall not be held responsible for delivery delays due to the fault of manufacturing and/or delivery services.


18. How much money should I plan on spending?

My session fee is $349! It includes hair and makeup, wardrobe styling and assistance, magazine style retouching, and more. My digital images, albums, and products are sold separately! (Schedule a call with me to get all the details! Boudoir is so personal and I make sure every client gets on the phone with me so they know they can trust me before their shoot!)

19. Who will be at the shoot? Should I bring a friend?

We are an all-female staffed studio, and the only people present will be the photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist. We recommend you come alone for the best experience, as the best photos come from the one-on-one interaction between you and the photographer.


20. I’m a curvy girl, is that an issue?

Absolutely not! In fact, I am a curvy woman! Please know this—it is not about size, it is about who you are and the confidence you bring to the shoot. Curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them. Plus we know exactly how to pose you and use lighting to show you at your best.  

21. What is the average age of your clients? Do you photograph older women?

Our client base varies from 21 to 65, with the average age between 28 and 55. We welcome women of all ages to come enjoy the experience of celebrating YOU. Some of our favorite clients are older women, and we have lots of experience with women of all ages – so don’t feel discouraged by age. It is all about confidence and being yourself. 


22. What is your refund policy? Can I reschedule?

Life happens! If you provide more than 14 days notice, you may reschedule once on the house. If you need to reschedule another time you will need to pay a new session fee.

When you pay your session fee and we confirm a scheduled date, I’m blocking that day and paying a makeup artist to block their calendar. I’m also turning away people interested in shooting that day. (Yes, I make exceptions! I will be happy to make an exception for work related changes – particularly military schedules as I know they can be unpredictable and out of your hands! Unfortunately due to past experiences, I’ve had to put this policy in place.)

Due to the custom nature of photography, the session fee and anything you purchase is non-refundable. I am committed to working with you to ensure you love your photos.

23. Do you offer group parties?

Yes, we offer Boudoir Parties.  These are great for birthday parties, Girls' Night Out, and Bachelorette parties.  It’s a time to get pampered before you enjoy a night out on the town!


24. Should I tan before my session?

Natural skin photographs and edits better than a tan. Tan lines are really hard to edit out so avoid being in the sun before your session. Spray tans are no good either because they always streak and tend to give your skin an uneven appearance. Plus, it comes off on our furniture and that’s not fun to clean. So do not get a tan please! You are beautiful just the way you are!

25. How do I schedule a session?

It’s super easy, you can email me at naportraits@gmail.com or fill out our contact form! I will then send you the link to pay for your session fee! We will also set up a phone call to chat about the details, as well as a questionnaire, preparation guide and more!

Note: Our studio is often booked full 3-4 months out, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to book a session for a future special occasion.



This is a hard blog for me to write ladies. Why? Because, I can’t get over how many obstacles and excuses I hear— from the most lovely and gorgeous ladies— about why they NEED to WAIT to do a boudoir session. OR they CAN’T do a boudoir session all together.

So here we go- here are the top 5 excuses I hear all the time from women WANTING a boudoir shoot but holding themselves back from this truly life-changing experience.

IMG_6819 (2)-2.jpg

1. “I need to lose like 5 or 10 pounds first”

This is the worst excuse and the one that comes up the most! It is the most common excuse because every woman I speak to thinks they need to be smaller, toner, or jut different then they already are! It breaks my heart every time because the goal of a boudoir session is love and accept yourself for who you are! And let’s be honest— your husband, your boyfriend, your best friend— they see your sexy and its up to you now to see it too! Plus, trust me, wardrobe is key!

This is one of my best TIPS! With the proper wardrobe, you are giving me the ability to pose you properly, which will always make you look as good as you look in real life, if not better! All you have to do is show up!

The women I photograph aren’t super models, they’re just like you and I. With good wardrobe choices, professional hair and makeup and my expertise with light and posing your photos will be stunning. So don’t worry about losing weight first!


2. “I don’t have anyone to do a session for!”

Now, this also one of the worst ones I have heard, DO IT FOR YOU! Simple. Don’t wait to do it for someone else! Gain the confidence and experience the courage of going out of your comfort zone and investing in this experience- like you would a spa day or a girlfriend’s weekend! You need to see yourself as beautiful and SEXY first and above all else!

3. “I don’t know how to be sexy.”

What is sexy? Sexy is a state of mind, its a confidence and courage that you cultivate. And let’s get something straight— I am not the photographer to point my camera at you and say— BE SEXY. If that is what you are worried of— know that is not what you will get from me or anyone who is part of my team. We are here to help you get out of your shell, to create lasting portraits that will make you wake up every morning with a PEP in your step! All you need to do- is be yourself. Leave the rest to me. I will coach you through every facial expression and pose so your portraits will looking SEXY AF!


4. “I don’t have the confidence to do this.”

And this is a big one ladies. I hear it almost as often as the I need to lose weight excuse. And here is the simplest answer. If you don’t feel confident to a session— THAT is exactly why you NEED to do one.

Okay- I need to give some background- story time- many of you may or may not know I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology. And while I was in graduate school I conducted counseling for many women who suffered with anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia..the list goes on. And we would talk and talk about their thought patterns, behaviors, analyzing every minute detail. And it helped. But I believe only so much.

I now believe. We all need to SEE TANGIBLE evidence to truly internalize a new belief.

You don’t feel confident? We can talk about it for ages- analyzing childhood memories ect. but what will TRULY change your BELIEF is SEEING TANGIBLE images of yourself. Seeing yourself the way others see you! Seeing is truly BELIEVING! And that is what this whole experience is about!

IMG_6968 (2)-2.jpg

5. “It’s too expensive.”

Now this one is a doozy. This one is usually the last obstacle to overcome. Because once everything else in your mind is reassured— the issue of cost and value always comes into play. And you are right, this is a luxury investment— much like months of therapy, a spa weekend, wellness retreat, or self-love conference can be. This is an opportunity to reinvigorate your marriage, relationship, and most of all your relationship with yourself. Honestly, it is truly priceless.

One of my clients wrote in her testimonial “In 10 years I'm not going to miss that money, but I will be SO glad I have these memories of myself..” and I couldn’t agree more!

And we do offer pre-shoot and post-shoot payment plans so you can space out your investment over time. Please do not allow money to be an excuse because if you get in touch with me we will make it work!



Excited? Nervous?

I hear you. It is totally normal. Just remember— this journey is about YOU. And when you are READY. I will be here—ready to help you embrace your SEXY, your BODY, EVERYTHING!

What if you know, you are looking around- just want to find out more details. Well you are in the right place! This blog post will give you a step-by-step guide through my boudoir process.

Maybe you have questions— like you are not quite sure what to wear? What will the studio be like? Will you have an amazing time? Breathe. We will answer all of your questions here!

IMG_7321 (2)-3-2.jpg

Step 1:
First thing. When you e-mail me, message me, or just send a carrier pigeon my way— you will get a message back from me as soon as I can. And I will ask you schedule a chat with me at the best time for you! This way we can get to know each other and talk about all of the details!

Once we chat and you decide to go ahead and book a session I will send you a link to pay your session fee and we will schedule your date. Afterwards, we will continue chatting about wardrobe, pin wardrobe ideas on your exclusive Pinterest board, and make sure you get all of your questions answered!

Step 2:

On the day of the shoot- you will meet me and my fabulous team! My hair and makeup artists are experts and will be so excited to meet you!

Step 3:

After you have been pampered A LOT we will take a look at all of those beautiful outfit choices (unlimited options!.) This is also the time when we will discuss the story of your boudoir shoot based off the outfits you brought as well as the outfits you might enjoy in our client closet!

IMG_7533 (3)-2-2.jpg

Step 3:
Now that you are looking and feeling gorgeous we will start off with the outfit you feel most comfortable in! I love to start off with comfy pants or a comfy tank to ease into things! I will also pose you from head to toe so don’t stress about anything else but enjoying the experience! (I will also show you sneak peeks on the back of my camera!)

Step 4:

Directly after the shoot we will take a break and you can go and get a snack and coffee (You will want one after all that Posing Yoga). After 1.5 hours you can had back to our studio and I will show you your images at your Same Day Reveal. My clients love that they do not have to wait! They get to select everything same day!

Step 5:

Bask in your glory.

I can’t wait to photograph you!

P.S. Are you Instagram? Follow me and I would love to follow you!