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Hey there! Some of you know me well, and others are a bit newer to the party (welcome, by the way)!

Iā€™m a Long Island girl, living in Morgantown, WV. 
I picked up a camera and taught myself how to create portraits after meeting the love of my life and finding our own wedding photographer! I was instantly hooked!
3 years later, I love using my lens as a vehicle for true art. I grew up as an artist painting with acrylic paints and now I do the same with my camera. You are my art! 
My camera is my paintbrush or my charcoal pencil and I use it to create legacy portraits that will outlive my clients and myself. I also use it to heal women who long have battered their souls with hateful words and self-neglect.

My studio is about more than digital images, it is about courage, bravery, confidence, strength, and owning your power. FIERCE power!

It is about Vulnerability. Exposure. And self-acceptance.

Just owning YOU. 

This is my favorite part. Coaching and guiding every client to just BE.

That is probably why I went and got a Masters in Clinical Psychology! And I use my education and experience every time I work with any client who has depression, anxiety, or just feels like they are not in their skin.

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